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Spring often arrives in Santa Fe teasingly as Mother Nature offers warm days with brilliant blue skies and then switches at a whim to delightful wintry weather. Trees and flowers start blooming in March, only to be covered in snow by a late April (or May) storm. One never knows what to expect … simply savor the changes and enjoy the pristine beauty of New Mexico!

While many of the hiking trails at the higher elevations remain covered by snow until mid-May, spring offers perfect temperatures for exploring stunning canyon lands, such as Tent Rocks, and hiking along the Rio Grande River where you can view petroglyphs left by the Ancient Puebloans. Spring is also an opportune season for mountain bikers to take to the trails in high desert terrain locations such as White Mesa.

New Mexico offers visitors not only spectacular outdoor activities but also rich cultural adventures. Journey on the High Road to Taos – through quaint Spanish Land Grant villages, take a trip back in time at Puye Cliffs – the ancestral home of the Santa Clara Pueblo people – or enjoy winetasting at Estrella Del Norte and learn about New Mexico’s winemaking history. Indulge your senses in Santa Fe and experience the diversity of Northern New Mexico.


Come experience northern New Mexico’s charm and pristine beauty with Santa Fe Walkabouts. Established in 2008, we are a boutique outdoor adventure company catering to the intrepid leisure traveler. We welcome individuals, couples, and families, taking care to listen to our clients and setting up authentic and customized outings. We do not have a minimum requirement and we gladly accommodate solo travelers. With each customized adventure, we offer flexible departure times with pick up from your place of lodging. Our goal is to provide private guided excursions and we place the highest priority on giving our clients undivided and personal attention during our tours.

Why choose Santa Fe Walkabouts? We strive to give our clients the best experience possible. Why? Because we want you to fall in love with New Mexico, just as we did several years ago. We truly enjoy being outdoors and, more than anything else, we want to share our passion with you! Call us and let's go on a Walkabout!

For more information on the greater Santa Fe area, check out Santa Fe Trip.


Santa Fe Walkabouts launched “Pinzie from the Plaza” tours in May 2014, offering visitors an opportunity to take a short 4X4 tour beyond the city for spectacular views of our New Mexico landscapes. The 90-minute Pinzgauer rides are a great complement to the city tours. Look for the YELLOW Pinzgauer on San Francisco Street, in front of La Fonda Hotel, between April and October, or call us for an off-season tour. Operating under the name "4 X 4 By Fun", our tours depart at 11:30AM, 1:30PM and 3:30PM.

In addition to our 90-minute Plaza tours, we offer a wide variety of unparalleled off-road adventures in our Pinzgauer. What is a Pinzgauer, you ask? For many, it’s the ultimate off-roading vehicle. Come and experience an adventure of a lifetime in our Pinzgauers!

Check us out on TripAdvisor – we greatly appreciate all the wonderful feedback we’ve received over the years!

“I have been raving about Georges and Santa Fe Walkabouts since I returned home on Sunday! I came to NM specifically to hot air balloon, but, without a doubt, the hike that Sue set up for me was far more awe inspiring than anything I saw in the air! I love how they took the time to customize a hike based on my desires and abilities – you just don’t get that service anywhere. Georges was an absolute treat to spend the afternoon with! He is a walking encyclopedia – I was so impressed with his knowledge of the area. Whether a seasoned professional or a casual nature lover, you should definitely set up an adventure with Santa Fe Walkabouts. This is how you truly experience the beauty that is Santa Fe!”– Michele, Minnesota

“I went to Santa Fe seeking interesting and exhilarating hiking in the area. Thanks to Georges and Sue of Santa Fe Walkabouts, my vacation was all I had hoped for. Their knowledge and love for the area is evident. The hikes were carefully planned to ensure my enjoyment as well as my comfort and safety. Thank you Georges and Sue.”– Pearl, Toronto, Canada

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